Who are Vast PR?

We are essentially a business-to-business public relations agency, firmly believing that specialists do it best.

We understand the press because that’s where we come from. We appreciate the need for great copy, what makes a great story and how the editor’s mind works; we understand what happens when the release or feature hits the journalist’s desk; we know the publishing process, the pressures and pleasures of putting a magazine together because we have been there.

We understand all of these things, and we bring them together.

Our Services

Public Relations & Copywriting

Our core activity is the written word and its distribution to reach our client’s audiences. We place great emphasis on the quality of the copy we produce believing that simply gaining coverage is only part of the process. We produce appropriately entertaining, engaging and informative copy for every requirement.


We develop great concepts on behalf of our clients and work with outstanding designers to produce stunning work for a range of projects.


However good the written word is, great images will always draw the eye in the first instance. We work with some talented photographers chosen for their creativity but also their intuitive understanding of the requirements of a project.


Having been involved as organisers with many exhibitions over a period of decades we understand how to get the most out of such events for our clients.

Events Management

Events are a matter of scale. Having organised substantial events occupying several halls at the largest venues, we are able to scale up or down to produce events for any purpose.

Conferences & Seminars

Our broad experience includes the production of complex seminar and conference programmes at venues sourced and negotiated with by our knowledgeable teams. We understand the people and processes necessary to take conferences and seminars from a blank sheet of paper to impressive conclusion.

Media Strategy

Having come from a publishing background media is in our DNA. We intuitively understand all forms of media, have contacts throughout B2B press and especially understand the processes that bring print and digital media to market.

Print Buying & Management

Our experience of buying and managing print in all of its forms has been developed over many years through projects produced both for ourselves and for our clients.

Marketing Consultancy

We understand marketing processes having produced and executed strategies for our own projects and those of many clients over many years. From a simple appraisal of a client’s plans to developing complete strategies, we are able to quickly assimilate and evaluate a proposition.


Our Clients

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