February 4th, 2020 - Beth

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This month, we talk to Lee Turner, national sales manager at Quickslide, about how he started in the industry and his role at Quickslide.

GGP: What was your route into the industry?

LEE TURNER (LT): I joined the industry purely by accident. I was previously working as an Online Sales Consultant within the leisure sector and the company I was an agent for unfortunately went into liquidation, due to them investing heavily into leasing their own fleet of aircraft which at the time wasn’t right for the business. So, after being slightly disillusioned, I decided it was time to get a proper job and within minutes of posting my CV on a job search website I was invited to interview for the position of Internal Account Manager with Quickslide. The rest is history.

GGP: What changes have you seen since then – good or bad?

LT: For me, personally, the biggest positive is that we as a business are forever evolving. Over the last 12 months alone we have heavily invested in new machinery, transport and a new I.T. system, which enables our valued trade partners to utilise all opportunities to maximise their sales potential.

GGP: How would you describe your role at Quickslide?

LT: The key aspects of my role are to maintain and develop the relationships with our current customer base, alongside seeking out potential new business to contribute towards consistent company growth.

GGP: What’s the most challenging thing about your role?

LT: As an externally based member of the team I’m forever reliant on back up support from other internal departments in order for me to fulfil my role. I regularly require input from sales, production, accounts & logistics staff, but as we all have a similar work ethos at Quickslide, I am fortunate that this setup seems to work well.

GGP: If you didn’t work in this industry, what job could you see yourself doing?

LT: Many years ago my partner and I owned a small B&B holding situated on the border of Portugal & Spain, which also had a campsite attached. We thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with customers and working to make their experiences ever more enjoyable, so it would have to be going back to the warm weather, being hosts and putting smiles on people’s faces.

GGP: What is a typical working day for you?

LT: My time is primarily spent calling and visiting various Quickslide trade partners, as well as building relationships with potential new customers. Using a variety of processes, I work with our customers to ensure they’re always aware of the full range of services and support Quickslide offers and how our team deliver this to help them generate growth within their own businesses.

GGP: What is your proudest moment professionally?

LT: I’d have to say when I was asked to become National Sales Manager for the business by the current board of Directors, which was over 2 years ago now. It has been an exciting and interesting experience so far and, given the plans the company has begun to set in motion over the last year, there are going to be many more exciting events and opportunities to look forward to.

GGP: How do you like to spend your time away from work?

LT: I have spent the last 30+ years being a long-suffering season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur, which tends to take up most of my time away from work given the 450 mile round trip I do every other weekend throughout the season. Aside from that we enjoy spending time together as a family watching ice hockey and occasionally spending a day at the races.

GGP: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

LT: Still at Quickslide, still eager to help our company remain one of the market leaders in what we do, still pushing for growth and to increase market share and still part of one of the best teams in the industry.



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