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Demand for smart hardware continues to grow, but in order to fully realise its potential installers need access to a system that doesn’t rely on a complicated subscription model, is easily retrofittable and offers the best combination of next gen and traditional security. Mighton Products Chairman, Mike Derham, says that Avia Secure ticks all those boxes – and more besides.

Clever, electronic hardware solutions have been around for some time now, but it is only in recent years that consumers have really started to embrace what we now more commonly refer to as ‘smart’ locks for windows and doors.

The growing popularity of such systems has of course been fuelled by the wholesale adoption of smart phones and the integration of smart technology into our homes.

We can now use voice commands to turn the lights on and off, select a film to watch simply by asking the TV to play it, adjust the heating remotely and keep an eye on everyone that approaches our property thanks to the camera hidden in the doorbell.

It’s no surprise then that those early, clunky electronic locks have now evolved into highly sophisticated security systems that can tell whether windows or doors are locked or unlocked, or allow users to secure their home without even being physically present in the property.

And it’s also no surprise that the industry – including Mighton Products – has invested huge amounts of time and resource into developing solutions for the smart security sector.

It is a competitive marketplace, and there is now a variety of smart hardware available, but at Mighton, I firmly believe that our Avia Secure family of products lead the way.

Why? First and foremost, it’s because Avia offers an unbeatable combination of next gen, smart technology with the reassurance of traditional, mechanical hardware.

The Avia Secure multi-point lock, for instance, has won ‘Smart Lock Product of the Year’ at the globally recognised Internet Of Things (IoT) Breakthrough Awards Program but it also has PAS 24:2016 accreditation. It has a host of high tech features, but it can also be operated by a manual key if required.

The Avia Secure casement handle is also recognised by Secured by Design and the Avia Secure smart socket – which allows users to programme remote scheduling or even keep track on energy usage – is BSI approved.

All the products in the Avia Secure family are inherently robust, they’ve been subjected to rigorous testing, and they’re all fully compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and the Apple operating system, which is widely regarded as the most sophisticated on the market.

Apple’s intuitive OS means that it’s very easy for users to connect to and operate Avia Secure products, but they are also very easy to install in the first place.

And the fact that Avia products can be retrofitted so simply and quickly is another big win for installers as it gives them an ideal opportunity to add margin at point of sale. All the products in the Avia Secure family are available separately – or as a complete package – so installers can discuss various added extras with their homeowner customers, to add value to a quote, and do so confidently because the installation can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Better still, with Avia, there is no risk of losing that valuable extra margin by having to explain a confusing subscription package.

That’s because, unlike our competitors, many of whom are relying on homeowners to commit to costly subscription plans to make the most of their smart hardware, Avia is ‘fit and forget’. It’s a really important difference, one that could make or break a sale, especially with consumers who may have been stung by past subscriptions that were hard to cancel, or too costly to maintain in the long run.

In fact, recent research has found that one third of consumers who signed up for a subscription service cancelled in less than three months, and over half cancelled within six.

With Avia Secure, which includes the aforementioned smart door lock, casement handle and smart socket, homeowners are also able to opt for a smart sash fastener as well as smart window & door sensors. These are all battery operated, retro-fittable and connect via Bluetooth with any Apple device.

Avia Secure even includes a high tech PIR motion sensor that can detect and deter intruders from up to 10m away.

It’s an exciting, accessible, premium offer for consumers and a class leading proposition for installers that allows them to make the most out of every sales opportunity.



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