October 22nd, 2020 - Beth

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“AdminBase has been a fantastic addition to our business. The current COVID situation has also proved to us the value of the software. Our team are now working from home using the cloud version as if they were sat in the office.

“The scheduling of appointments, both for the sales and installation teams is now all in one place and the efficiencies we are getting are beyond our initial expectations! Coupled with the ability we now have to give our customers up to date and timely information and the level of support offered we would most definitely recommend using this software.” So says Ian Chester of Yorkshire Windows in a timely, real world appraisal of AdminBase, the UK’s long-running window and door sales and installation management system.

Ian’s comments are especially relevant as the UK faces dramatically increasing Covid-19 infections and tightening of restrictions designed to head-off a further full lockdown. A full lockdown that would surely prove disastrous, even for a double-glazing industry that has bloomed since lockdown restrictions were lifted in May.

Anti-Covid-19 ‘Safe Working’ practices have become as ingrained as hard-hats and protective glasses and boots on site and these are likely to be with us for some time, perhaps even remaining long past the containment of this particular bug. But safety in the face of the pandemic must be holistic, not just focused on the installation process. Every aspect of customer liaison must be considered and planned for, as indeed must our interaction with colleagues. And, by happy coincidence, Ab Initio’s AdminBase has proved to provide the perfect solution.

Coincidence simply because AdminBase has been around for more than 20 years, during which time it has become the system of choice for hundreds of British window, door and conservatory installers, with more than 3,000 people using the system daily. But the advantages and efficiencies that AdminBase brings to its users on a daily basis, also translate into providing safe working practices for its users and in turn of course, their customers.

AdminBase has evolved continuously during that time and the latest advances – the introduction of web-based technology that allows easier, more user-friendly ways to remotely access all the benefits of the AdminBase system; and a series of mobile apps that allow users to efficiently carry out tasks remotely and on site including sales, surveying, installation and remedial work using mobile tablets – which bring AdminBase right up to date.

These advances were introduced for the express purpose of making AdminBase even slicker and easier to use for its operators; and in doing so, it also offers an excellent set of tools through which the business of installing windows, doors conservatories and other related home improvements may be carried out safely, efficiently and effectively. Thus providing protection for everyone involved in the process. It has therefore never been a better time to install AdminBase, a process which perhaps needless to say, can be done remotely, including operator training.

“We added the apps and web-based version when the latest technology combined with ‘Cloud’ computing and decent mobile speeds, became dependable and efficient enough,” explained Rhonda Ridge, who wrote the original system and still heads the team for its development. “This allowed us to deliver the solutions with confidence and with the effect that this is the most comprehensive fenestration installer management system in the world. And it will revolutionise the sales and installation process where it counts most – with customers, especially as we emerged from full lockdown,” added Rhonda. “But the pandemic is far from over and the facilities that AdminBase offers will continue to allow its users the ability to deal effectively with customers and everyone in the chain, to sell, measure, install and service windows, doors and associated products, safely and efficiently,” she added.

We are all becoming inured with social distancing, carrying out those increasingly well-rehearsed little dances around each other. But as businesses we have social as well as legal responsibilities and commitments to our staff and certainly to our customers. And within these new rules of engagement with customers and crucially, whilst in their homes, AdminBase takes on a whole new importance.


To allow installers to understand just how AdminBase works, Ab Initio has produced a short and highly effective 2-minute explainer video. Go to www.abinitiosoftware.co.uk




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