November 2nd, 2023 - Beth

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Quickslide has relaunched its enhanced flagship Legacy VS and it’s bringing heritage bang up to date, as Managing Director Ben Weber explains.

Quickslide’s new Legacy vertical slider launched to aplomb earlier this year and will soon be available to order. Ushering in a new era in heritage windows, it combines the latest technology with even more authentic timber-look styling details, to create the closest match to traditional timber sash windows yet.

“We can’t wait to see our new Legacy VS where it belongs,” says Quickslide’s Managing Director Ben Weber, “which is out of our factory floor and into homes, giving homeowners the best of all worlds: highly performing, efficient and authentically styled windows that are harder to distinguish from their timber originals than ever before.”

Legacy VS’s new design

The most noticeable change to Legacy is its new slim mid rail, which is over a centimetre narrower than its standard counterpart. This, along with new run-through sash horns with refined end caps, fully mechanical joints, a deep bottom rail and curvy ovolo frame, are the important details that make Legacy almost indistinguishable from timber sash windows.

Balancing this more traditional styling, at the other end of the scale the new Legacy offers the most up-to-date advancements in security and performance. It comes with an ‘A’ energy rating as standard, a certified PAS24 security upgrade, and available are smart sash fasteners that can be managed from a phone app. Additionally, ancillaries are colour-matched as standard, which include wool-pile and the Doc F-compliant foiled modular vent for the best looking, integrated solution on the market.

“With our new Legacy VS we now offer more configurations than ever,” says Ben. “We attempted calculating how many, but got to a trillion before we had even included our bespoke colour bonding so had to give in at that point!”

Industry-leading lead times

The enhanced Legacy VS and its more complex configurations have been made possible thanks to Quickslide’s acquisition earlier this year of its new bespoke Schirmer cutting machine. Not only will this increase production capacity, it will do so while also slashing lead times for vertical sliders.

To cope with the many complex features that fabricating a VS window involves, the new cutting machine has two milling stations. This means that more complex details can be repeated accurately and consistently – but also faster than ever.

“Two milling stations are a game-changer in our production,” says Ben, “particularly for VS, with their mechanical joints and all the optional features they involve. The new machining centre will radically increase our capacity for authentic heritage VS. It enables us to achieve our high standards, accurately, time after time, at scale. All without adding to our lead time.”

“Because to us, heritage for the next generation is not just about perfecting the finer details that set Legacy VS apart visually and in its efficient performance, it is also about doing so in a way that reflects our commitment to delivering consistent, repeatable quality without impacting lead time. While heritage may be all about traditional styling, we have our own tradition at Quickslide of ‘right, on time, every time’, which is one thing that won’t be changing.

“Looking ahead, our production processes continue to advance enabling us to further refine our offering, stretching our ability to develop more new initiatives to benefit our trade partners and customers. In fact, we’re already working on new developments for early next year, including investments in injection moulding and perfecting those finer details which set our VS windows apart. Because while heritage is focussed on authentically emulating the past, our business is firmly focussed on the future.”




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